The Electricity Supply Monitoring Initiative — an open data project conceptualized, developed and led by Prayas (Energy Group) — helps address a critical electricity supply and quality information gap. We do so by partnering with:

  • Prayas (Energy Group), a non-governmental organization in India that works to ensure that energy can become a tool for sustainable and equitable development for all citizens. It focuses on achieving universal access and better quality of modern energy to enhance livelihoods and quality of life, securing sustainable energy supply to meet effective demands in a socially, environmentally responsible manner, and democratizing governance of the energy sector through increased transparency, public participation and accountability of institutions.
  • Institute for Essential Services Reform, established in Indonesia to end the imbalance of energy resources management and to achieve sustainable, affordable and just usage of renewable energy. Its activities include policy advocacy, research and building non-governmental organizations’ capacity.
  • Consumers Union of Tajikistan, a nonprofit in Tajikistan that focuses on energy governance, protecting citizens’ public utility rights and building fair, competitive markets of goods and services.
  • Energy Change Lab, a Tanzanian nonprofit that puts citizens at the heart of energy systems to spur systematic change. The organization cultivates pioneers, challenges practices and changes mindsets across society, focusing specifically on distributed energy, energy jobs and accountability of energy services.
  • EED Advisory, a multidisciplinary consultancy firm based in Kenya which provides research, training, capacity development, monitoring and evaluation, project design, feasibility studies and commercial project development in energy, water and climate change. 

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