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During the launch event of “10 Questions to Ask about Scaling On-Grid Renewable Energy”, EGI partners came together to share experiences and insights in renewable energy (RE) planning in their respective countries. The session highlighted that, though policies to promote RE scale-up exist in each of the countries presented, challenges and frustrations in RE planning processes often hinder the achievement of RE goals. In India, for example, complexities in renewable energy incentive mechanisms (such as Renewable Energy Certificates- RECs- or Feed-in Tariffs- FITs) and lack of clarity on the distribution of incremental costs associated with these mechanisms, raise serious concerns about how costs and burdens of these new mechanisms are shared.

We share firsthand insights from our partners on how the 10Qs Framework can help RE planning processes, offering a methodology to help overcome these challenges by shedding light on these concerns, and a clear and comprehensive means of thinking through and discussing challenges that arise. The 10Qs Frameworks are designed to be adapted to national contexts and to respond to nationally pertinent issues and partners identified what questions are particularly pertinent to them and the most pressing issues related to RE planning in their jurisdictions.

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