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Valuation Methodology

WRI's Valuation Tool serves as a guidebook and calculator: a way for policymakers, civil society or other interested parties to assess the value to their economies of goods and services provided by coral reefs and to aid in setting coastal management policies.

Tourism and Recreation Valuation Tool

The Tourism component of the Tool has detailed valuation calculations for Accommodations and Recreation (diving and snorkeling sections) as well as for Marine Park Revenue, Local Use, and other spending by tourists who visit because of reefs.

Fisheries Valuation Tool

The Fisheries component of the Tool allows for the valuation of coral reef-related services in four areas: (1) commercial fishing, (2) commercial fish processing and cleaning value added, (3) local noncommercial fishing, (4) and the multiplier impacts of fisheries-related sectors upon the overall economy.

Marine Protected Area (MPA) Economic Impact Tool

This tool is designed to help Marine Protected Area (MPA) managers assess the economic impact of tourism and fisheries activities associated with their reserve.

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