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United in the need for a strong response to the climate crisis, a diverse group of leaders and advocates issued a Declaration on Climate Justice. The Declaration calls on world leaders to take bold action on climate change and create a future that is fair for all.

As part of its goal of achieving climate justice, the Declaration outlines five priority pathways that must be realized:

  • Giving voice: The world will only succeed in adequately tackling climate change if we give voice to those most affected by climate change, listen to their solutions and empower them to act.
  • A new way to grow: Ensuring we adequately reduce emissions means transforming our economic system to one based on low-carbon production and consumption that can create inclusive sustainable development and reduce inequality.
  • Investing in the future: A new investment model is required to deal with the risks posed by climate change both now and in the future. Policy certainty is essential for investment in sustainable alternatives.
  • Commitment and Accountability: Achieving climate justice requires that broader issues of inequality and weak governance are addressed both within countries and at a global level. Accountability is key.
  • Rule of law: Strong legal frameworks are vital to ensure transparency, credibility, longevity and effective enforcement of climate and related policies. They also need to evolve to protect the most vulnerable as weather patterns change.

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