World Resource Institute

Flexible Approaches to Achieve a Clean Grid

WRI's clean energy work drives alignment and investment in electricity markets to deliver on consumer demand for an affordable transition to clean energy.

To achieve this goal, WRI works with electricity customers, regulators and utilities to reform regulated electricity sectors in China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the United States and Vietnam.

In the United States, we convene the Special Clean Power Council (CPC), a two-year collaboration between leading U.S. electric utilities and major commercial customers. The CPC works together to achieve an efficient and economic transition to clean energy resources, driving innovation in the utility sector while growing businesses across America.

Organizing Buyers

We work with electricity customers, particularly major companies with large energy use and ambitious clean energy goals, to meet their demand for affordable renewable energy.

We collaborate with NGOs in the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance to grow corporate demand for renewable power.

Developing Business Models

We assist utilities grappling with the changing landscape to tap into the strengths they offer to clean energy deployment, such as the low cost of capital, cost-effective renewable energy integration strategies, and long-term planning.

We develop pilot programs with stakeholders across the electricity sector to demonstrate how new models for regulation and renewable energy procurement can deliver low-cost electricity and be replicated quickly through large electricity markets.

We analyze national and international public finance to identify models that deliver affordable, reliable clean energy to all consumers.

Michael Polsky, Invenergy; Bill Weihl, Facebook; Jonathan Weisgall, Berkshire Hathaway Energy; and Letha Tawney, WRI at the first annual Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance Summit

Sharing Strategies

We undertake primary research on renewable energy and leverage the growing body of research to depict the landscape of sustainable energy development for decision-makers and the public.

We share findings, best practices and lessons through events, blog posts, media outreach, newsletters, social media and other channels to inform a powerful network of energy professionals.

Representatives from companies working with REBA initiatives describe their vision

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