World Resource Institute

Victoria, Canada

Through the Tree Protection Bylaw, Victoria plans to expand tree protections and improve management of its green spaces.

“In Victoria, we consider trees and forests an integral part of our vibrant, healthy and livable community. We are invested in growing and diversifying our urban forest. We are surrounded by the majestic forests of Vancouver Island, including temperate rain forests. And we, like all cities, benefit from the carbon-storing powers of forests around the world. Victorians know we need to accelerate our fight against climate change. That is why we are proud to sign the Cities4Forests Call to Action and join our fellow cities in advocating for great investment in forest protection globally.”

Lisa Helps, Mayor, Victoria, Canada

Success Story

The City of Victoria, Canada hosts 150,000 trees in its parks, natural areas, boulevards, residential gardens and backyards. The city has accelerated its efforts to expand and diversify its urban forest, and in 2020 increased its tree planting by 40 percent, planting 500 new trees in its parks and boulevards. The same year, Victoria passed a new Tree Protection Bylaw to expand protections to a greater number of the city’s existing trees. The city continues to set ambitious long-term targets; its Urban Forest Master Plan has identified various evidence-based recommendations for the improved management of trees over the next 50 years. Victoria’s leadership on urban forests was recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations with a 2020 Tree Cities of the World award.