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San Jose, United States

San Jose, California is known as the “Capital of Silicon Valley” and is one of the world’s leading hubs for technological innovation and environmental leadership.

"San Joseans know first-hand the damage that climate change can cause. We are witnessing more catastrophic wildfires, extreme heat, floods and severe drought than ever before. San Jose is leading the way with ambitious climate policies, and we are the global center of technological innovation advancing a low carbon economy, but we need government at all levels –and the private sector –to step up, especially when it comes to conserving urban forests and other natural ecosystems. The benefits –and beauty –of our natural infrastructure are too great to lose. We are pleased to join our fellow cities in supporting the Call to Action on Forests & Climate."

Sam Liccardo, Mayor of San Jose, United States

Success Story

San Jose’s urban forest consists of more than 1.6 million trees that generate an estimated $239.3 million of ecosystem benefits and property value increases every year. This includes removing 47,000 tons of greenhouse gases from the air, filtering out 140,000 cars’ worth of air pollution, and saving an estimated $77 million worth of annual air conditioning costs through shade and cooling. San Jose is in the process of updating its Community Forest Management Plan, which lays out a vision for increasing urban tree canopy, prioritizing social equity, and securing funding to maintain the urban forest.

San Jose is also investing in watershed-scale efforts to protect nearby natural land. In 2018, voters approved $50 million in bonds to finance flood protection enhancements, which the city has since used to preserve undeveloped forest and California scrubland in the nearby Coyote Valley.