World Resource Institute

Rosario, Argentina

Rosario protects and integrates nature in urban areas by planting trees, investing in green spaces, and establishing a Local Climate Action Plan.

“We are convinced that it is in alliance with nature and through its protection that we will find solutions to the enormous environmental challenges that we face. For this reason, we are committed to preserving and increasing urban trees and green spaces, consolidating urban and peri-urban agriculture and protecting the Paraná Delta wetland, of which we are a part of. We support this call to action, which is urgent and requires the engagement and commitment of all stakeholders to protect forests and ecosystems in our territories.”

Pablo Javkin, Mayor of Rosario

Success Story

Rosario has a long history of protecting and integrating nature in its urban areas. The city has 420,000 urban trees and more than 450 green spaces. Furthermore, the city has a nursery for native trees where more than 80 species are produced, as well as an active environmental education policy that reflects the value of the socio-environmental services that are generated by urban and wetland ecosystems. The Local Climate Action Plan establishes, in its adaptation strategies, commitments to increase afforestation, preserve undeveloped land for local food production and protect local water basins.