World Resource Institute

Our Approach

Charge works with civil society, electricity customers, regulators, utilities, and clean energy entrepreneurs to reform electricity sectors, so that they can effectively spur socio-economic development. In order to provide universal access to affordable electricity and accelerate low carbon development, we strive to realize the full value of low-cost, reliable renewables and supporting technologies.

Through collaborative efforts in the regulated electricity markets around the world, we assist utilities grappling with the changing landscape, and tap into the strengths they offer to clean energy deployment, such as the low cost of capital, cost-effective renewable energy integration strategies, and long-term planning. We also work with entrepreneurs offering energy services to scale-up the power they are providing, improve their reliability, and regularize their role in national energy infrastructure. Finally, we work with electricity customers, particularly iconic companies, to meet their demand for affordable renewable energy.

  • Count it. The Charge team undertakes primary research on renewable energy and leverages the growing body of existing research to depict the landscape of sustainable energy development for decision-makers and the public. We count the costs, benefits, and risks of renewable energy, as well as how they are distributed. We gather comparative data on the impacts of different sources of energy, articulate why clean energy is both necessary and affordable, and summarize lessons from pioneering markets and countries.

  • Change it. Seizing the opportunity created by low cost renewables requires new approaches to buying and planning for renewable energy. New regulatory models underpin the rapid deployment of affordable, sustainable electricity. We collaborate with stakeholders to demonstrate how renewable energy procurement models can deliver low-cost electricity through pilot programs, like our Green Power Market Development Group. We showcase the value of better outcomes delivered by more inclusive integrated resource planning processes that appropriately evaluate renewable energy, through our work on governance and we illustrate how utilities can be financially viable and technically successful while scaling up renewables quickly.

  • Scale it. Demonstrations and pilots must quickly replicate through the largest markets in order to reach our goals. To support replication, we develop national and regional policies, create tools, and gather best practices. We collaborate with international partners to accelerate renewable energy deployment. And we provide analysis to further shift national and international public finance towards demonstrated models that deliver adequate, reliable, and clean energy—most equitably and cost-effectively.