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WRI began evaluating regulatory issues for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage in 2006, convening over 80 stakeholders to formulate the Guidelines for Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport, and Storage, and the Guidelines for Community Engagement in CCS Projects.

The starting point for the guidelines discussions was that CCS will most likely be needed to achieve the magnitude of CO2 emissions reduction required to stabilize and reduce atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases.The goal of this effort was to develop a set of preliminary guidelines and recommendations for the deployment of CCS technologies in the United States. The CCS Guidelines are written for those who may be involved in decisions on a proposed project: the developers, regulators, financiers, insurers, project operators, and policymakers.

These guidelines are intended to guide and build public confidence in CCS technologies by informing the public how projects should be conducted. Their purpose is not to make a case for or against CCS, but rather to develop practical considerations for demonstrating and deploying CCS technologies.

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