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Water scarcity is one of the defining issues of the 21st century. In its Global Risks 2013 report, the World Economic Forum identified water supply crises as one of the highest impact and most likely risks facing the planet. With the support of a diverse group of partners, the World Resources Institute built Aqueduct to help companies, investors, governments, and communities better understand where and how water risks are emerging around the world.

What's the Big Idea? Measuring and Mapping Water Risk

In January 2013, the World Resources Institute launched the centerpiece of Aqueduct after a three-year development effort: the Water Risk Atlas. The Atlas uses a robust, peer reviewed methodology and the best-available data to create high-resolution, customizable global maps of water risk.  

The World Resources Institute is committed to transparency and open data. The data and methodology behind Aqueduct are documented and available for download. All the products, methodologies, and datasets that make up Aqueduct are available for free use under the Creative Commons CC:BY license.

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“The key to solving any of the world’s major sustainability challenges is for businesses, governments, and civil society to get on the same page. Aqueduct’s water risk maps help us do that so we can address the risks with thoughtful, coordinated, long-term solutions.”

Neil Hawkins, Vice President of Global EH&S and Sustainability

The Dow Chemical Company


“Our understanding of operational and supply chain water risks has been evolving since we first set our water conservation goals several years ago.  We value Aqueduct’s capability to integrate a wide range of complex, up-to-date information to help prioritize and provide guidance on those risks.”

Dawn Rittenhouse, Director, Sustainability


"As a global leader in advanced water technology, GE knows first-hand that water scarcity is a major challenge in many parts of the world.  We're very pleased that Aqueduct's new global water risk maps will enhance understanding of these risks in ways that will enable society to address them more effectively."

Jon Freedman, Global Government Relations Leader

GE Power & Water

“Aqueduct’s global water risk maps provide an innovative tool and important step forward in understanding critical water issues. Assessing risk is challenging, and even more so with complex issues like water. Aqueduct provides a much more complete picture of the water issues affecting business globally than we’ve had before.”
Kyung-Ah Park, Head of Environmental Markets Group

Goldman Sachs


“McDonald’s chose Aqueduct over other possible tools because it best balanced credibility and depth with simplicity and ease of use.”

Francesca DeBiase, VP, Strategic Sourcing, Worldwide Supply Chain Management

McDonald’s Corporation


“Aqueduct’s global water risk mapping information is a valuable tool for understanding and addressing the pressing global threat of water security.” We understand that water is not just an environmental issue, but a real and substantial risk to communities, economies, and businesses. The new global water risk maps make it easier than ever to research and understand where in the world these risks are greatest, and where action is most needed.”

 Sylvia Lee, Water Manager
Skoll Global Threats Fund

“Water is an incredibly important part of both the manufacture and use of P&G brands. We want to make sure all of our operations are in locations that are best for both our business and the environment, so partnering to understand water scarcity and related issues throughout the world is critical. Our partnership with WRI and their Aqueduct technology helps us screen for potential water risks, ensuring we are in the best place possible to both grow our business and help steward the world's resources.”

 Len Sauers, Vice President Global Sustainability
Procter & Gamble


“Talisman recognizes that water is a scarce resource throughout the world. The tool that Aqueduct is developing will provide valuable insight into water sustainability and operational risk for the oil and gas and other sectors.”

Sandra Stash, Senior Vice President, Global HSSE/OA

Talisman Energy, Inc.