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ACT 2015 Publications (in reverse chronological order)

Staying on Track from Paris: Advancing the Key Elements of the Paris Agreement

Infographic: On Track from Paris

How to Strengthen the Institutional Architecture for Capacity Building to Support the Post-2020 Climate Regime

Getting Specific on the 2015 Climate Change Agreement: Suggestions for the Legal Text with an Explanatory Memorandum

Realizing the Cycles: Analysis of the Co-Chairs’ Tool for Cycles of Improvement

Analysis of October Co-Chairs Text with proposed landing zones for agreement elements

Political Economy of the Paris Agreement

Elements and Ideas for the 2015 Paris Agreement

Enhancing Bold Collective Action: A Variable Geometry and Incentives Regime

The 2015 Climate Agreement: Concepts and Considerations on Its Legal Architecture

Aligning Finance to Deliver Climate Ambition and Climate Resilience in a 2015 Climate Agreement

Race to the Top: Driving Ambition in the Post-2020 International Climate Agreement

Characteristics of Mitigation Commitments

Three Implementation Pathways for a 2015 International Climate Agreement

Options for a Compliance Mechanism in a 2015 Climate Agreement

Improving Transparency and Accountability in the Post-2020 Climate Regime: A Fair Way Forward

Options for Adaptation and Loss & Damage in a 2015 Climate Agreement

Coordinating Global Action for an Ambitious Climate Outcome

Three Propositions for a 2015 International Climate Agreement

Analysis Beyond IPCC AR5: Net Phase Out of Global and Regional Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Implications for 2030 and 2050

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ACT 2015 Partner Publications

Designing National Commitments to Drive Measurable Emissions Reductions After 2020 (WRI)

A Pathway to a Climate Change Agreement in 2015: Options for Setting and Reviewing GHG Emission Reduction Offers (WRI)

Building International Climate Cooperation (WRI)

Building the Climate Change Regime (WRI)

Possible elements of a 2015 legal agreement on climate change (IDDRI)

Feasibility of GHG emissions phase-out by mid-century (Ecofys)

Regional GHG reduction targets based on effort sharing: a comparison of studies (Ecofys)

Towards a policy menu to strengthen the ambition to mitigate greenhouse gases (Ecofys)