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EGI Toolkits

  • EGI assessment Toolkit: The Toolkit consists of more than 60 indicators that address policy and regulatory processes in the electricity sector, with an emphasis on social and environmental issues. The toolkit is the product of an extensive external review process in 2004, and was pilot tested in Thailand, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines in 2005. This 2007 version of the toolkit has undergone significant revisions to reflect lessons learned from the pilot phase of assessments and additional expert input collected.

  • EDIT toolkit: The toolkit looks at and systematically documents consumer issues in the electricity sector. Part 2 of this toolkit provides a more in-depth analysis as to why consumers are facing these issues and what steps can be put in place so that consumer services quality improves.

  • 10 Questions to Ask Toolkits: The “10 Questions to Ask About” series aims to build the capacity of electricity sector stakeholders—government agencies, regulators, utilities, the private sector, civil society, and others —to design and participate in policy making and implementation processes. The first three in the series include, 10 Questions to Ask About Scaling On-Grid Renewable Energy, 10 Questions to Ask About Electricity Tariffs, and 10 Questions to Ask About Integrated Resource Planning, all three of which are initiatives of the World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) and Prayas, Energy Group.

Open Climate Network Toolkits

  • The Low-Carbon Policy Tracking Framework provides a simple framework for tracking national progress toward low-carbon policy implementation from the time that policy is adopted to the time when the relevant implementing institutions have taken all the necessary steps to bring the policy into effect.

  • The Policy Implementation Diagnostic Framework aims to facilitate a detailed analysis of institutional challenges to policy implementation processes, ultimately leading to strengthened processes and enhanced policy effectiveness.

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