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ADVISORY: Press Call on Assessing National Climate Plans (INDCs) and Measuring Success of Paris Climate Talks

WASHINGTON (September 28, 2015)– Thursday, October 1 marks the informal deadline for countries to submit their climate plans to the United Nations’ climate talks. India is expected to submit its plan on that date, while Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa submitted theirs in the last week. With proposals on the table from all major economies (track them on WRI's Paris Contribution Map), we will have a good idea of where the world stands in the fight against climate change ahead of the landmark Paris summit this December.

On Wednesday, September 30 at 9:30 AM ET, World Resources Institute will host a press teleconference featuring WRI experts Jennifer Morgan, global director, Climate Program, David Waskow, director, International Climate Initiative Taryn Fransen, program director, Open Climate Network to offer insights on these questions and other major developments at this critical point just two months before the Paris climate summit:

  • How do these country commitments add up to limiting global warming to under 2 degrees C?

  • What can a strong global climate agreement do to build on these efforts into the future?

  • And what are the stickiest issues negotiators will grapple with in the final moments in Paris?


Press call on assessing national climate plans (INDCs) and measuring success of Paris climate talks



  • Wednesday, September 30 at 9:30 AM ET


  • US/Toll-free: +1 (866) 803-2143

  • US Toll: +1 (210) 795-1098

  • Verbal pass code: when asked by the operator, say “WRI”

International call-in numbers are below

ARGENTINA 0800-777-0476
AUSTRALIA 1-800-204-161
AUSTRIA 0800-677-989
BELGIUM 0800-4-8574
BRAZIL 0800-8911992
CANADA 866-845-8490
CHILE 1230-020-2846
CHINA 10800-712-1320
CHINA 10800-120-1320
COLOMBIA 01800-9-156448
CROATIA 080-08-06-408
CZECH REPUBLIC 800-700-226
DENMARK 8088-5604
ESTONIA 800-011-1070
FINLAND 0-800-1-14119
FRANCE 080-510-0831
GERMANY 0800-000-1654
GREECE 00800-12-6872
HONG KONG 800-900-592
HUNGARY 06-800-17731
INDIA 000-800-852-1231
INDIA 000-800-001-6252
INDIA 1800-300-00435
INDONESIA 001-803-011-3695
IRELAND 1800-932-079
ISRAEL 1-80-9214815
ITALY 800-987-450
JAPAN 00531-12-1857
LATVIA 8000-2930
LUXEMBOURG 8002-9344
MALAYSIA 1-800-81-2130
MEXICO 001-866-888-0267
NETHERLANDS 0800-020-0428
NEW ZEALAND 0800-448-917
NORWAY 800-18396
PANAMA 011-001-800-5072114
PERU 0800-53744
PHILIPPINES 1800-111-42456
POLAND 00-800-1211864
PORTUGAL 8008-60221
RUSSIA 8-10-8002-9703011
SAUDI ARABIA 800-8-110012
SINGAPORE 800-120-4272
SLOVENIA 0-800-81374
SOUTH AFRICA 080-09-98819
SOUTH KOREA 00798-14800-6732
SPAIN 800-098-445
SWEDEN 0200-890-123
SWITZERLAND 0800-001-296
TAIWAN, CHINA 00801-137-708
THAILAND 001-800-1206-65537
TURKEY 00-800-151-0559
UNITED KINGDOM 0800-279-3953
URUGUAY 000-413-598-3442
USA 866-803-2143
VENEZUELA 0800-1-00-3692
VIETNAM 120-11742


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Photo credit: UNclimatechange, Flickr


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