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STATEMENT: Earth Day 2015: America Should Lead on Climate Change

Today, on Earth Day, President Obama delivered remarks from the Florida Everglades on the impacts of climate change and how the administration is responding.

Following is a statement from Sam Adams, director, U.S. Climate Initiative, World Resources Institute:

“The message for Earth Day is clear: We need to do more to protect our lands and our communities from the impacts of climate change. From sea-level rise in Florida to drought in California, the reality is that climate change is no longer a distant threat.

“This administration has done more than any other to cut U.S. emissions and take advantage of the emerging opportunities of a low-carbon future. But, we need leaders to come together at local, state and national levels – and across political boundaries – to respond. America should lead by protecting our communities and mobilizing an ambitious global response to climate change.”

Photo credit: Jessica D, Flickr


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