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Natalia García

Normative and Urban Regulation Manager, WRI Mexico

Natalia is the Urban Regulation Manager at WRI Mexico. Within the Urban Development Department, she is responsible for coordinating and promoting initiatives and regulatory projects aimed at...

César Avilés

Innovation Coordinator, WRI Mexico

César is the Innovation Coordinator at WRI Mexico, responsible for providing technical and administrative support to innovation projects of the Propulcity platform and for monitoring the...

Carlos Muñoz Pina

Director, Research and Data Integrity

Carlos Munoz-Pina is Director for Research and Data Integrity at the global office, supporting all programs, centers, and International Offices in achieving the Count It, Change It and Scale It...

Jessica Garduño

Projects Analyst, WRI Mexico

Jessica is an Urban Mobility Project Analyst at WRI Mexico. She currently provides support for the Future Cities Program, and works with the Active Mobility Management and Coordination in road...

Joaquim Leite

Senior Country Engagement Specialist, NDC Partnership

Joaquim Leite is a Senior Country Engagement Specialist for the NDC Partnership. His work focuses on mainstreaming Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the Sustainable Development Goals...

Caroline Lesser

Director for International Cooperation

Caroline is the Director for International Cooperation. She is responsible for managing and deepening WRI’s institutional relations with governments and multilateral development institutions. She...

Meredith Hess

Grants and Finance Coordinator, Water Program

Meredith Hess is a Grants and Finance Coordinator for WRI's Water Program. She provides support and helps coordinate the operations of WRI's Water Program through project, financial, and grant...


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