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Sean DeWitt

Director, Global Restoration Initiative

Sean is the Director for the Global Restoration Initiative at World Resources Institute (WRI).

Sarah Martin

Associate, Electricity Governance Initiative and Charge

Sarah is an Associate with the Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI).

Benoit Colin

Senior Officer, Global Marketing and Communications

Benoit is the Marketing and Communications Manager for the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and for EMBARQ, its sustainable transport arm.

Roland Widmer

Senior Associate

Roland is a Senior Associate of the International Financial Flows and Environment (IFFE) Project. He leads IFFE’s work on Emerging Actors in Development Finance in Brazil.

Benoit Lefevre

Director, Energy & Climate & Finance

Benoit Lefevre is Senior Associate for Transport and Climate at CEP and EMBARQ, WRI. He is in charge of developing a new initiative on transport and climate change.

Anne Rosenbarger

Global Engagement Manager, Global Forest Watch Commodities and Finance

Anne Rosenbarger is a Fellow for Project POTICO in the People and Ecosystems Program at WRI. Based in Bali, Indonesia, Anne works on research related to the sustainability of the oil palm industry...

Terra Virsilas

Urban Development Associate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Terra is an Urban Development Associate with WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She supports the Global Platform for Sustainable Cities (GPSC) and Cities4Forests, both city-based networks...


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