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Ryan Schleeter

Marketing and Communications Global Coordinator

Ryan Schleeter is the Marketing and Communications Global Coordinator for EMBARQ. He handles operational communications and serves as the primary content manager and editor for and...

Madaleine Weber

Communications Coordinator

Madaleine is the Communications Coordinator for the Governance Center where she leads communications and media outreach. Madaleine develops outreach strategies, designs communications materials,...

Danielle King

Project Coordinator, Land and Resource Rights

Danielle is the Project Coordinator for the Land and Resource Rights Initiative (LRR) in WRI’s Institutions and Governance Program. She manages the Initiative’s grants, contracts, communications,...

Robin Kraft

Lead Data Architect, Data Lab

Robin Kraft is WRI's Lead Data Architect and a founding member of the Data Lab, which aims to leverage big data and scalable analysis for environmental applications.

Robin works on...

Manuela Rayner

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist

Manuela is a GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist for Global Forest Watch. She supports the acquisition and technical management of the regional and global spatial data layers on the GFW website....

Lorena Baca

Director of Strategic Alliances, WRI México

Lorena is Director of Strategic Alliances at WRI México, responsible for the funding strategy for the organization and building partnerships with bilateral donors, aid agencies, foundations and...

Jorge Macias

Director of Urban Development and Accessibility, WRI México

Jorge is Director of Urban Development and Accessibility at WRI México, where0 he links the regulatory economic instruments and urban design to influence the urban form and the social and economic...

Fernando Paez

Chief Operations Officer, WRI México

Fernando is the Chief Operations Officer of WRI México, responsible for overseeing all internal functions, planning and institutional strategy, human resources, risk management, information...

Marta Obelheiro

Road Safety Specialist, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Marta Obelheiro is the Road Safety Specialist at WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, with a focus on public transportation, urban development and traffic safety projects. She is...

Paula Manoela dos Santos

Active Mobility Manager, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Paula Santos is the Active Mobility Manager at WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

She has worked on the improvement of EMBARQ's SimBRT - the EMBARQ bus rapid transit (BRT)...


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