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Mario Beltran Mainero

Legal Researcher / Intern

Mario is a Legal Researcher with The Access Initiative. He investigates national and international legal structures and policies related to protected areas management schemes in order to provide...

Hilary Oliva Faxon

Researcher / Research Intern

Hilary is a Researcher with the Governance of Forests Initiative. She investigates principles, policies and implementation of REDD+ programs throughout the world to define and promote accountable...

Mark Higgins

Research Associate

Mark is a Research Associate in the Global Forests Watch program, where he works to identify patterns in global deforestation data and the drivers of these patterns. He also translates these...

Rachel Gartlan

Program Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

Rachel is the Program Coordinator I for WRI Brazil and an administrative assistant in the President’s office.

As a program coordinator for WRI Brazil, she works to streamline internal...

Indira Masullo

Associate, Finance Center

Indira Masullo is an Associate for the Sustainable Finance Center at WRI. She helps develop research products and tools for financing climate change mitigation and adaptation actions in developing...

Juan-Carlos Altamirano


Juan-Carlos is an Economist on the Economics Team. He collaborates with the Food, Forests, and Water Programs, the Global Climate Program and the Governance Center. He is working on cities and...

Kitty van der Heijden

Vice President, WRI Europe & Africa

Drs. Kitty van der Heijden is the Vice President for WRI Europe & Africa. She brings a distinguished diplomatic career with notable accomplishments in sustainable development and humanitarian...

Sara Nawaz

Research Assistant

Sara is the Research Assistant for the President’s Office. She liaises with program staff and provides research support to prepare the President for his events and presentations and to assist in...

Christopher Delgado

Senior Fellow

Chris Delgado coordinates the Land Use topic of the New Climate Economy project, a multi-institution research inquiry on the interactions between economic and climate policies, and supports the...


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