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Sarah Lupberger

Project Coordinator II

Sarah Lupberger is the Project Coordinator for the Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) and the Governance of Forests Initiative (GFI).

Raquel Burke

Grants and Finance Associate

Raquel is a Grants & Finance Associate in the Global Climate Program.

Camilo M. Ramírez

Special Events Manager

Camilo organizes fundraising and special events for the Institute. He is also a consultant with Campbell Peachey & Associates, a boutique events firm in Washington.

Prior to WRI,...

Claudia Adriazola-Steil

Deputy Director, Urban Mobility and Director, Health & Road Safety, WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities

Claudia is the Health & Road Safety Program Director. She works on the global strategy for addressing the public health impact that comes from urban transportation and urban development.

Natalie Bushell

Field Accounting Support Manager

Natalie Bushell joined the World Resources Institute in 2007.

Greg Fuhs

Senior Communications Associate

Greg Fuhs is the Senior Communications Associate for WRI’s Climate and Energy Program (CEP).

Taryn Fransen

Senior Fellow

Taryn Fransen is an international climate change policy expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is currently serving as Senior Policy Advisor to the Global Climate Action Summit, where she...

Lillian Pena Torres

Senior Manager, Institutional Engagement and Development, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Lillian is the Operations Manager for the Development Department and has over 20 years of experience in fundraising and donor relations.

Vivian Fong

Part-Time Senior Human Resources Generalist

Vivian Fong is currently a part time Senior HR Generalist in the Human Resources Department.


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