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Lara Caccia

Urban Development Specialist, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Lara is an Urban Development Specialist and is currently working with WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities' Urban Development and Accessibility team.

Prior to joining the team,...

Nívea Oppermann

Vice-Director, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Nívea Oppermann Peixoto is Vice-Director of WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She is an architect and urbanist graduated from the Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis and holds a...

Juan Miguel Velásquez

Associate, Research and Practice

Juan Miguel Velásquez is an Associate in the Research and Practice Department for EMBARQ, where he supports the research agenda across the network, evaluating the impact of transport projects,...

Laura Malaguzzi Valeri

Deputy to Vice President of Research, Data and Innovation

Laura is the Deputy to the Vice President of Research, Data, and Innovation. She contributes to the staff mentoring process, reviews project proposals and manages the peer review process for WRI...

Carlos Viesca-Lobatón

Mesoamerica Manager, Global Forest Watch

Carlos is the Mesoamerica Manager for Global Forest Watch. He’s work consists on establishing partnerships with strategic stakeholders and providing local support in activities related to...

Sonia Saini

Research Intern

Sonia Saini has joined the team for the Forest Landscape Restoration project in the Food, Forests, and Water program. She researches the conditions of countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America...

Alex Kovac

Research Analyst II

Alex is a Research Analyst with the Global Climate Program and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. He supports drafting and coordination for WRI’s Global Protocol for Community-scale Greenhouse Gas...

Rachel Mulbry

Grants and Finance Coordinator

Rachel is the Grants and Finance Coordinator for the Environmental Democracy Practice. She manages the team’s grants, finances, and outreach. Her work centers around supporting The Access...

Mario Beltran Mainero

Legal Researcher / Intern

Mario is a Legal Researcher with The Access Initiative. He investigates national and international legal structures and policies related to protected areas management schemes in order to provide...


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