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Vivian Plasencia

Coordinator of Strategic Alliances, WRI México

Vivian is Coordinator of Strategic Alliances at WRI México, responsible for managing the proposals presented by the programs and projects to generate funding opportunities and interact with...

Juan Carlos Hernández

Mass Urban Transport Systems Analyst, WRI México

Juan Carlos is WRI México's Mass Urban Transport Systems Analyst. He performs technical analysis of mass transportation projects developed in the country and financed by the Federal Program for...

Esmeralda Carranza

Accountant Analyst, WRI México

Esmeralda is an Accounting Analyst at WRI México, responsible for recording the organization's accounts, determining taxes, calculating payroll, programming payments and administrative procedures...

Mariana Bulos

Coordinator of Transportation Planning, WRI México

Mariana is the Coordinator of Transportation Planning for WRI México. She is responsible for collaborating and developing projects on cities with a focus on transport systems planning. Currently,...

Octavio Molina

Energy Efficiency Coordinator, WRI México

Octavio is Energy Efficiency Coordinator at WRI México. He is in charge of managing and developing projects that focus on improving the energy efficiency in buildings to reduce their environmental...

Marco Antonio Villalobos

Energy Efficiency Manager, WRI México

Marco Villalobos is the Energy Efficiency Manager at WRI México. He leads the activities of the Building Efficiency Accelerator in Mexico, part of the UN initiative: Sustainable Energy for All....

Santiago Vázquez

Urban Development Analyst, WRI México

Santiago is an Urban Development Analyst at WRI México. He collaborates in different urban development projects with an special focus on public space and green infrastructure.

He has...

Alfredo Menache

Human Resources Director, WRI México

Alfredo is the Human Resources Director of WRI Mexico responsible for developing the strategic plan for Human Resources to attract, retain and develop competent talent that is capable of achieving...

Graciela Reséndiz

Human Resources Manager, WRI México

Graciela Reséndiz is the Human Resources Manager at WRI México, in charge of design and implement policies, programs and procedures to manage talent incorporating HR best practices align with WRI...

Ariel Govea

Manager of Regulation and Urban Normativity, WRI México

Ariel is Manager of Regulation and Urban Normativity at WRI Mexico. His main functions are analyzing and formulating regulatory proposals to encourage and strengthen urban development and...


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