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Sergio Duarte

Air Quality Coordinator, WRI México

Sergio is the Air Quality Coordinator for WRI México, responsible for the development of projects for reducing the emissions of air pollutants and improve the air quality.

Sergio has...

Ana Gabriela Morales

Manager of Water Management and Urban Resilience, WRI México

Gabriela Morales is Manager of Water Management and Urban Resilience for WRI Mexico Cities' program. She coordinates the local economic development and natural resource management agendas in...

Anette Ramírez

Mobility Public Policy Manager, WRI México

Anette is Mobility Public Policy Manager. She is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the activities of the Massive Urban Transport Support Program, and conducting public policy analysis....

Estefanía Martínez

External Communication Coordinator, WRI México

Estefania has been working for more than six years in nongovernmental organizations, the public and private sector, and her last job was at the Ministry of Communications and Transport as the...

Tannia Medina

Liaison and Cities Network Coordinator, WRI México

Tannia is Liaison and Cities Network Coordinator at WRI México, responsible for promoting the exchange of experiences and knowledge between experts and member cities. In addition, she is...

Erika Vilchis

Graphic Designer, WRI México

Erika is the Graphic Designer at WRI México. She is responsible for the creation of graphic materials and maintaining the guidelines of the institutional identity. She manages the institutional...

Eliseo Gasca

Communication and Marketing Coordinator, WRI México

Eliseo is the Marketing and Communication Coordinator of WRI México. He develops communications and marketing strategies for several projects of the organization. He manages the institutional...

Cynthia Villafaña

Communications Manager, WRI México

Cynthia oversees designing integral communication strategies as Communication Manager at WRI México. Her job will be to ensure the positioning of the organization, coordinate the work team, and...

Valeria Hurtado

Coordinator of Management and Development of Local Capacities, WRI México

Valeria Hurtado Muñoz is Coordinator of Management and Development of Local Capacitie at WRI México. She is responsible for consolidating, promoting, facilitating and coordinating training...

Mariana Campos

Urban Development Manager, WRI México

Mariana is the Urban Development Manager at WRI México, responsible for developing strategies for the implementation of public policies and projects in urban planning and regeneration, sustainable...


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