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Alfredo Menache

Human Resources Director, WRI México

Alfredo is the Human Resources Director of WRI Mexico responsible for developing the strategic plan for Human Resources to attract, retain and develop competent talent that is capable of achieving...

Graciela Reséndiz

Human Resources Manager, WRI México

Graciela Reséndiz is the Human Resources Manager at WRI México, in charge of design and implement policies, programs and procedures to manage talent incorporating HR best practices align with WRI...

Ariel Govea

Manager of Regulation and Urban Normativity, WRI México

Ariel is Manager of Regulation and Urban Normativity at WRI Mexico. His main functions are analyzing and formulating regulatory proposals to encourage and strengthen urban development and...

Iván De La Lanza

Active Mobility Manager, WRI México

Iván is Active Mobility Manager at WRI México, responsible for creating solutions and specific actions for pedestrian and bicycle projects in different cities as part of the integrated transport...

Yolanda Romero

Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer, WRI México

Yolanda is the Executive Secretary of the Chief Operations Officer at WRI México, responsible for administrative management and operation within the organization.

She has more than 30...

Aline Nolasco

Project Management Analyst, WRI México

Aline is the Project Management Analyst at WRI México. She is responsible for preparing and analyzing technical tools to facilitate the follow up on the organizational strategy, projects and...

Lilia Yee

Innovation Manager, WRI México

Lilia Yee is the Innovation Manager at WRI México whose responsibilities lie in creating alliances between new companies and WRI for innovation projects. He leads the Propulcity project where...

Sergio Solís

Technical Mobility Specialist, WRI México

Sergio is Technical Mobility Specialist at WRI México. He is responsible for carrying the analysis and review of different transport projects in the country and in Latin America.


David Escalante

Transport Planning and Operation Manager, WRI México

David Escalante is the Transportation Planning and Operations Manager at WRI México.

David has worked as consultant in urban mobility planning in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru...

Sonia Aguilar

Road Safety Coordinator, WRI México

Sonia is Road Safety Coordinator at WRI México, where her main task is to base decision-making on diagnosing and contextualizing road safety at different scales, through information management and...


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