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Juliana Vega

Mobility and Road Safety Analyst, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Juliana Vega is a Mobility and Road Safety Analyst at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, based in Bogotá. She offers technical support on data collection and analysis on road safety and urban...

Noah Dewar

Schneider Summer Fellow, Aqueduct

Noah Dewar is the 2020 Schneider summer fellow working with the Aqueduct team to help build the next version of the global model for the water, peace, and security project.

After the...

Corey Best

Intern, Climate & Governance

Corey Best is a Climate and Governance intern within the Governance Center. He is working to support the Environmental Democracy Practice team's ongoing research for the Open Government...

Monica F. Lafon Riojas

Press Officer, WRI México

Monica F. Lafon Riojas is WRI México’s Press Officer. She is in charge of press liaison and capacity building for the organization’s spokespersons.

Monica has a Bachelor's degree in...

Sandra Baltazar

Digital Communications Coordinator, WRI México

Sandra Baltazar Pérez is Digital Communications Coordinator at WRI México. She is in charge of creating and implementing the organization’s digital communication strategies and contents and...

Karla López

Editorial Coordinator, WRI México

Karla Lorena López Ferro is the Editorial Coordinator for WRI México. She is responsible for coordinating and supervising all written and editorial content that is produced in the organization,...

Lucia Duran Aguado

Operations Coordinator, WRI Europe

Lucia is an Operations Coordinator on the Europe Operations team. She enables smooth functioning of WRI Europe by providing required operational support to WRI staff working across Europe and the...

Daniel Gonzalez

Research Assistant, Resource Watch

Daniel is a Research Assistant working with WRI’s Resource Watch platform. He helps to expand and improve metadata processes for the 300+ environmental and social datasets that are currently on...

Michael Chen

Project Implementation Intern, Cities4Forests

Michael Chen is the Project Implementation intern for WRI's Cities4Forests project. He assists the Global Implementation Manager with day to day research, outreach, execution, and management tasks...

Mercedes Escobar

Consultant in Air Quality and Urbanism, WRI México

Mercedes is a Consultant in Air Quality and Urbanism for WRI México. She is responsible for the development of a methodological guide for Citizen-Science in Air Quality, topics to be further...


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