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Teresa Schofield

Junior Product Specialist, Global Forest Watch

Teresa Schofield is a Junior Product Specialist for the Global Forest Watch platform. She strives to improve the platform by evaluating user needs, developing plans for new features, and...

Jonathan Cook

Senior Associate, Global Commission on Adaptation

Jonathan is a Senior Research Associate in the Climate Resilience practice, supporting the newly launched Global Commission on Adaptation of which WRI is a managing partner. He will assist in the...

Kai Kresek

Junior Data Specialist

Kai Kresek is a Junior Data Specialist with Global Forest Watch. She works to streamline and manage the process for updating and incorporating data into the Global Forest Watch platform and...

Lalini Pedris

Project Coordinator, Urban Mobility

Lalini is the Project Coordinator for the Urban Mobility Program with WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She works to coordinate project requirements and monitor performance across all of the...

Adam Davidson

Associate, Urban Mobility, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Adam Davidson is an Associate with the Urban Mobility Team. He works to expand our understanding of technology and new mobility services in the transportation sector. He is also a Ph.D Candidate...

Abraar Ahmad

Intern, Global Commission on Adaptation

Abraar Ahmad is an Intern for the Global Commission on Adaptation in WRI's Governance Center. He will aid the commission in all of its research and publication work as the commission looks to...

Emma Pearlstone

Administrative Coordinator, Global Commission on Adaptation

Emma Pearlstone is the Administrative Coordinator for the Global Commission on Adaptation in WRI's Governance Center. She provides operational support to the Commission and its Directors, working...

Hiromi Hashimoto

City Action Explorer Intern

Hiromi Hashimoto is a City Action Explorer Intern for the Climate Program's TRAC Initiative and the Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities. She works to develop a new City Action Explorer, identifying...

Anna Marie Walter Pineda

Intern, Building Efficiency Initiative

Anna Marie Walter Pineda is an intern with the Building Efficiency Initiative at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She carries out research on policy development and implementation related...

Leah Lazer

Research Analyst, Coalition for Urban Transitions

Leah serves as a Research Analyst for the Coalition for Urban Transitions, a New Climate Economy Special Initiative on Cities. She conducts research on climate change and urbanization, and how...


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