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Sushmita Jena

Intern, Climate Program

Sushmita is an Intern with the Climate Program working on Initiative for Climate Action Transparency. She is working on the guidance documents for Transformational Change & Non-State and...

Harshita Jamba

Project Associate - New Sustainable Mobility, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Harshita is a Project Associate with the New Sustainable Mobility practice at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She works on analyzing the impact of tech-led- mobility services disrupting...

Palak Sharma

Climate Change Communications Intern

Palak is an Intern with the Climate Program. She is currently pursuing a Masters in International Economics and International Affairs with a concentration in Energy, Resources and Environment, and...

Jaya Dhindaw

Director, Integrated Urban Development Program, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Jaya Dhindaw is the Director of the Integrated Urban Development Program at WRI India. She is based in Bangalore and provides strategic leadership to all urban planning initiatives across WRI...

Ahmad Chaudhary

Energy and Climate Research Fellow

Ahmad is a Transport and Climate Research Fellow at the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He is working on a research project tracking private investment in transportation infrastructure...

Naysa Ahuja

Legal Researcher, The Access Initiative

Naysa has been a Legal Researcher with The Access Initiative (TAI) since January 2013. She is responsible for outreach, new partnership development, and review of national laws related to...

Prerna Vijaykumar Mehta

Lead, Urban Development, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Prerna is Lead for Urban Development at WRI India. She has 13 years of experience in the fields of research, project management, urban planning, real estate, architecture and academics. Her work...

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