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Paula Cunha Tanscheit

Communications Analyst, WRI Brasil

Paula Tanscheit is a Communications Analyst for WRI Brasil. She works to cover events, produce content for the website and blog, and also supports WRI programs and projects through the...

Matheus Jotz

Urban Mobility Analyst, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Matheus is Urban Mobility Analyst at WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He works with business models for public transport systems and the quality of those services. He also works with...

Cibele Soares

Administrative Assistant, WRI Brasil

Cibele is an Administrative Assistant at WRI Brasil in Porto Alegre. She collaborates on administrative demands including finance management support, archiving documents and providing intern and...

Bruno Rizzon

Road Safety Analyst, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Bruno Rizzon is a Road Safety Analyst at WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, offering technical support on road safety projects and accident data analysis.

Before joining WRI,...

Aloha Boeck

Digital Media Analyst, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Aloha Boeck is a Digital Media Analyst at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities.

She is a journalist graduated from the Lutheran University of Brazil, has worked at Grupo RBS from 2009 to 2015 as...

Caroline Donatti

Communications Coordinator, WRI Brasil

Caroline Donatti is the Communications Coordinator at WRI Brasil. She is the responsible for communications strategies and develops plans to integrate all WRI Brasil communications channels and to...

Débora Neves

Financial Analyst, WRI Brasil

Débora Neves is a Financial Analyst at WRI Brasil, where she works with Porto Alegre team helping the financial supervisor with financial resources.

Prior to joining WRI Brasil, Débora...

Letícia Liechavicius

Senior Human Resources Analyst, WRI Brasil

Letícia is Senior Human Resources Analyst at WRI Brasil. She assists with budget, financial reports and contracts.

Before joining WRI Brasil, she worked for multinational companies, public...

Júlio Rioli

Grants and Contracts Manager, WRI Brasil

Julio is the Grants and Contracts Control Manager for the Brazilian market. He works to structure, manage and control the deadlines, budgeting and performance of the grants and contract at WRI...


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