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Rafael Feltran-Barbieri

Research Analyst, WRI Brasil

Rafael Feltran-Barbieri is a biologist and economist, working at WRI Brasil in Restoration Projects, Natural Infrastructures and Land Use Change. Before joining the team, Barbieri was an economist...

Miguel Calmon

Forests Director, WRI Brasil

Miguel Calmon is the Forests Director for WRI Brasil.

His previous experiences include, among other activities, the senior management of the Global Forests and Climate Program of the...

Maria de Sousa

General Services Assistant, WRI Brasil

Maria is the General Services Assistant at WRI Brasil, where she assists with office organization and administrative activities.

She was born in Oeiras in the Brazilian state of Piauí. She...

Letizia Cluverius

Project Coordinator II, NDC Partnership

Letizia is the Project Coordinator II for the NDC Partnership, Climate Program a new global initiative of developing and developed countries and international institutions working together to...

Claudia Garcia

Administrative and Financial Manager, WRI Brasil

Claudia Garcia is the Administrative and Financial Manager at WRI Brasil. She is responsible for financial operations and controlling.

Claudia built her career in the private sector in...

Juliana Speranza

Research Analyst, WRI Brasil

Juliana Speranza is a research analyst at WRI Brasil. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics of Institutions and Development from FEA-USP and a Master Degree from the Graduate School of Development,...

Anna Bray Sharpin

Urban Planner/Transportation Associate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Anna is a Transportation Associate in the Road Safety and Health practice area of the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She works with research and projects on emerging trends and best...

Sabin Ray

Research Analyst II

Sabin is a Research Analyst II for Cities4Forests, an initiative focused on helping cities better conserve, manage, and restore inner forests (such...


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