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Brenda Medeiros

Urban Mobility Director, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Brenda Medeiros is the Urban Mobility Director of WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities, with a focus on the promotion and implementation of sustainable transportation in cities. Among her areas of...

Daniela Facchini

Global Operations Director, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Daniela (Dani) is the Global Operations Director for the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She leads the operational strategy, planning processes and human resources within the global team...

Katerina Elias-Trostmann

Senior Research Analyst, WRI Brasil

Katerina is a Senior Research Analyst at WRI Brasil and is part of the Climate Resilience Practice, which seeks to help national and sub-national decision-makers understand the drivers of climate...

Monica Weeks

Grants and Finance Coordinator

Monica Weeks is the Grants and Finance Coordinator for the Business Center and Global Energy Program. She provides support to program staff and manages communications, outreach, grants, contracts...

Rachel Biderman

Director, WRI Brasil

Rachel is the Director for World Resources Institute Brasil (WRI Brasil). In her current role, she worked to launch WRI Brasil as a nationally-recognised NGO in 2014, raising funds, recruiting a...

Lizzette Soria Sotelo

Program Coordinator, Latin America

Lizzette is the program coordinator for EMBARQ’s Latin America Program and an active member of the WRI Gender Working Group. She brings a diversity of experiences in project management and...

Roland Widmer

Senior Associate

Roland is a Senior Associate of the International Financial Flows and Environment (IFFE) Project. He leads IFFE’s work on Emerging Actors in Development Finance in Brazil.

Erin Cooper

Research Associate, Integrated Transport

Erin Cooper is a Research Analyst with EMBARQ's Research and Practice team where she focuses on transportation, urban development, and fuels projects.


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