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Renato Pellegrini Morgado

Intern, Governance

Renato is the intern of The Access Initiative and Governance of Forests Initiative. He supports LAC Principle 10 Process in Brazil and the Region and Governance of Forests Initiative’s research in...

Mariana Oliveira

Research Analyst, WRI Brasil

Mariana Oliveira is a research analyst at WRI Brasil. In the Forests program, she supports the program's management and operational processes. She is currently focused on the programmatic contents...

David Leipziger

Research Analyst

David Leipziger is a Research Analyst with the EMBARQ and CEP programs. He works with the Transport and Climate Special Initiative, leading research initiatives at the nexus of transport policy,...

Fernanda Boscaini

Communications Director, WRI Brasil

Fernanda Boscaini is the Communications Director for WRI Brasil. She is responsible for developing communications strategies, and projects that assist in reinforcing WRI Brasil's work and image....

Ryan Schleeter

Marketing and Communications Global Coordinator

Ryan Schleeter is the Marketing and Communications Global Coordinator for EMBARQ. He handles operational communications and serves as the primary content manager and editor for and...

Marta Obelheiro

Road Safety Specialist, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Marta Obelheiro is the Road Safety Specialist at WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, with a focus on public transportation, urban development and traffic safety projects. She is...

Magdala Satt Arioli

Urban Mobility and Climate Coordinator, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Magdala Arioli is the Urban Mobility and Climate Coordinator at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities. Since 2010 she has been working with urban mobility projects related to climate change, air pollution...

Paula Manoela dos Santos

Active Mobility Manager, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Paula Santos is the Active Mobility Manager at WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

She has worked on the improvement of EMBARQ's SimBRT - the EMBARQ bus rapid transit (BRT)...

Rejane Fernandes

Strategic Relations Director, WRI Brasil

Rejane D. Fernandes is the Strategic Relations Director of WRI Brasil. She works to achieve WRI Brasil's mission by developing key partnerships, disseminating sustainable transportation and urban...


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