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Daniely Votto

Urban Governance Manager, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Daniely Votto is the Urban Governance Manager at WRI Brasil Cities Program. She coordinates local and national projects focused on governance, transparency, gender and civil society participation...

Guillermo Petzhold

Urban Mobility Specialist, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Guillermo Petzhold is Urban Mobility Senior Specialist at WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. His main focuses are transport demand management at the corporate level and shared mobility...

Mariana Gil

Visual Communications Specialist, WRI Brasil

Mariana Gil is the Visual Communications Specialist for WRI Brasil. She creates and manages photographic and graphic content for WRI Brasil's digital platforms. She also works on publications and...

José Antonio Garcia

Administrative Assistant, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Antonio is EMBARQ Brasil’s administrative assistant. His responsibilities include several administrative processes related to finances and human resources.

Before arriving at EMBARQ Brasil...

Filipe Costodio

Press Advisor, EMBARQ Brasil

Filipe Costodio is a press advisor and works to strengthen the image of EMBARQ Brasil in national and international media.

After working in the press office of the Government of São Paulo...

Cíntia Freitas

Institutional Relations Coordinator, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Cintia is the Institutional Relations Coordinator of WRI Brasil. She helps scale up the organization’s work by assisting the development of partnerships, as well as reinforcing its institutional...

Maria Fernanda Cavalcanti

Online Content Editor, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Maria Fernanda Cavalcanti is the Online Content Editor for the EMBARQ Brazil communications team. She is responsible for covering events and major activities related to center’s work and she is...

Cristina Albuquerque

Urban Mobility Manager, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Cristina is the Urban Mobility Manager for WRI Brasil's Cities Program. She works to transform the transport system in Brazil's cities to cleaner and more efficient means. This increases the...

Lara Caccia

Urban Development Specialist, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Lara is an Urban Development Specialist and is currently working with WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities' Urban Development and Accessibility team.

Prior to joining the team,...

Nívea Oppermann

Vice-Director, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Nívea Oppermann Peixoto is Vice-Director of WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She is an architect and urbanist graduated from the Centro Universitário Ritter dos Reis and holds a...


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