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Daniela Lichtler Cassel

Urban Governance Analyst, WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities

Daniela Lichtler Cassel is an Urban Governance Analyst at WRI Brasil Sustainable Cities.

She graduated from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), where she studied Civil...

Felipe Perez Martinez

Institutional Relations Analyst, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Felipe Martinez is the Institutional Relations Analyst at WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. As part of the institutional relations team he gives support to the relationship between...

Henrique Evers

Urban Development Manager, WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Henrique is the Urban Development Manager at WRI Brasil Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, where he works in urban planning and financing. Currently he supports projects on master plans revision...

Roberta Dal Sasso Meira

Project Coordinator

Roberta Dal Sasso Meira is Project Coordinator at EMBARQ Brasil. She assists with project and budget management.

Before joining EMBARQ Brasil, she worked in a consulting firm developing...

Patricia Canut da Silva

Administrative Analyst, WRI Brasil

Patricia is an Administrative Analyst at WRI Brasil. She works in the organization and control of administrative activities and assists in receiving and archiving documents, managing bills, and...

Marcelo Matsumoto

GIS Research Associate, WRI Brasil

Marcelo Matsumoto is a GIS Research Associate I. He works to develop spatial analysis, providing and exchanging data and information within the organization and in collaboration with partners....

Diego Canales

Tools & Data Innovation Associate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Diego Canales is a Tools & Data Innovation Associate at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities, where he works on identifying trends related to the future of mobility services and disruptive...

Selma Bombachini

Executive Secretary, WRI Brasil

Selma Bombachini joined WRI Brasil in 2015 and holds two different positions. She acts as Executive Secretary organizing the organisation's schedule, meetings, events and trips, in addition to...

Mikaela Weisse

Project Manager, Global Forest Watch

Mikaela Weisse is a Project Manager with Global Forest Watch (GFW), where she leads GFW’s strategy and partnerships around satellite-based forest monitoring. She regularly communicates to the...


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