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Grace Wasem

Executive Assistant, WRI Brasil

Grace Wasem is the Executive Assistant for WRI Brasil, responsible for organizing the meetings and events, as well as the trips of the directors. She also helps managers in some of their...

Flavio Galvao

Video Specialist

Flavio Galvao is a Video Specialist. He works to expand WRI's presence by creating video content.

Prior to joining WRI, Flavio worked as a motion designer, animator and copywriter. He held...

Danilo Oliveira

Digital Media Analyst, WRI Brasil

Danilo is the Digital Media Analyst for WRI Brasil. He is responsible for digital strategies and paid media.

He has experience in advertising and communication agencies. During his career...

Carlos Muñoz Pina

Director, Research and Data Integrity

Carlos Munoz-Pina is Director for Research and Data Integrity at the global office, supporting all programs, centers, and International Offices in achieving the Count It, Change It and Scale It...

Joaquim Leite

Senior Country Engagement Specialist, NDC Partnership

Joaquim Leite is a Senior Country Engagement Specialist for the NDC Partnership. His work focuses on mainstreaming Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the Sustainable Development Goals...

Justin Sturm

Partnerships Coordinator, P4G

Justin Sturm is the Partnerships Coordinator for P4G. He is focused on strengthening innovative public-private partnerships that focus on reaching global Sustainable Development Goals in an...

Tatsatom Gonçalves

Energy Research Assistant

Tatsatom Gonçalves is a Research Assistant at WRI’s Energy Program, where he combines outreach, research, writing and data analysis across a variety of U.S. and international projects. Besides...

Patricia Arnal

Intern, NUMO Alliance

Patricia Arnal is a sustainable systems designer working to bring long term success to micro mobility initiatives, part of the Sustainable Cities program. She designs strategy, projects and...

Ines Aguiar Branco

Ocean Policy Analyst

Inês holds the position of Ocean Policy Analyst with the Sustainable Ocean Initiative, part of World Resources Institute. Inês is part of the Secretariat of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable...

Tamara Cardoso

Strategic Relations Analyst, WRI Brasil

Tamara Cardoso is Strategic Relations Analyst at WRI Brasil and works in the research and analysis of data that are the basis for strategic planning, besides participating in the elaboration of...


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