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Arya Harsono

Research Coordinator, The New Climate Economy

Arya Harsono is a Research Coordinator for the New Climate Economy, assisting the program with the execution of on-going research on developing authoritative evidence for the relationship between...

Norma Hutchinson

Research Analyst

Norma is a Research Analyst within WRI's global energy program. In this role, she helps corporate and industrial buyers procure clean energy and supports research on electric vehicles, energy...

Zachery Ru

Intern, Restoration Research

Zachery is an Intern for the Forest Program's Global Restoration Initiative. He is researching how distributed ledger technology – such as blockchain – can strengthen land tenure and other...

Matt Goeppele-Parrish

Research Assistant

Matt is a Research Assistant for WRI's Energy Program. He focuses on researching emerging trends and potential opportunities for new large-scale renewable energy projects. He also supports the...

Alice Gottesman

Junior User Outreach Specialist, Global Forest Watch

Alice Gottesman is a Junior User Outreach Specialist for Global Forest Watch (GFW). She works across GFW to develop marketing campaigns for GFW features and products.

Prior to joining WRI...

Tini Tran

Director, Global Communications and Engagement, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Tini Tran is Director for Global Communications and Engagement at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She is responsible for global communications and outreach efforts across multiple channels...

Zhuo Zhang

Economics Intern

Zhuo (Joy) is an intern for the Econ center and the New Climate Economy project. She helps support the Communications and Engagement teams.

Prior to joining NCE, Zhuo volunteered in...

Xufei Shen

Urban Building Efficiency Intern, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Xufei is an Intern for the Sustainable Cities Program. She supports the sustainable building projects with building efficiency improvement.

Prior to joining the WRI, she served as an...

Xinyu Liu

Intern, Country Engagement, Climate Program

Xinyu is an intern supporting the NDC Partnership's Country Engagement work. She collaborates with specific country work, administrative support, and special projects with the Country Engagement...

Romain Warnault

Design Project Manager

Romain Warnault is Design Project Manager within the Core Communications team. Romain works with WRI’s programs and centers to understand their design needs and ensure that all their projects are...


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