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Nikita Luke

Project Associate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Nikita is the Project Associate in the Health and Road Safety practice area in the Urban Mobility workstream. She supports ongoing research and technical work, and contributes to the development...

Raj Bhagat Palanichamy

Senior Project Associate, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Raj Bhagat works as a GIS and remote sensing analyst with WRI Ross Cities program at WRI India, based in the Bangalore office. He supports projects associated with water, transport and energy....

Aparna Vijaykumar

Project Associate - Urban Transport & Road Safety, WRI India

Aparna Vijaykumar is a Project Associate with the Urban Transport and Road Safety Team. She is associated with the work on Road Safety Policy based out of Delhi as part of the Bloomberg Road...

Amegh Gopinath

Project Associate - Urban Transport & Road Safety, WRI India

Amegh is a Project Associate with the Cities and Transport at WRI India. He is based in Mumbai and working in the area of Urban Transport and Road Safety. He is currently working on the Bloomberg...

Nandana Nair

Project Associate - Urban Transport & Road Safety, WRI India

Nandana Nair is a Project Associate of the Urban Transport and Road Safety team at WRI India, Mumbai. She is originally from Ahmedabad and is presently based in Mumbai working on projects related...

Renuka Iyer

Chief Human Resources Officer

Renuka is a certified human resources leader with over two decades of global experience in human capital management. In her role at WRI, she helps implement HR strategies, policies, and processes...

Amala Devi

Project Associate, Energy Access, WRI India

Amala is a Project Associate for Energy Access at WRI India, where she works on the policy and planning aspects of renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access.

Prior to WRI, she...

Ranjana Menon

Project Associate - Urban Transport, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Ranjana Menon is an Associate with the Urban Transport team of EMBARQ. She is engaged in advancing and expanding EMBARQ India’s focus on cycling. She is involved in projects that range from doing...

Vivek Chandran

Associate - Urban Development and Accessibility, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Vivek Chandran is an Associate – Urban Development and Accessibility at EMBARQ India where he coordinates technical support in the practice area of urban development and accessibility.


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