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Willy Daeli

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Environmental Economy, WRI Indonesia

Willy Daeli is a researcher for Wahana Riset Indonesia 2.0, in the field of Incentive Schemes and Economic Instrument for Land-Based Emissions Reduction.

In 2013, he graduated from...

Septrina Frisca Tobing

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Land Use And Governance, WRI Indonesia

Frisca is part of Wahana team who does research on forest monitoring under the larger theme of land use and governance.

Prior to current role, Frisca worked with J-PAL Southeast Asia where...

Rizky Haryanto

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Land Use And Governance, WRI Indonesia

Rizky is currently a researcher with focus on improving land use governance for reducing GHG emissions and increasing community resilience. Prior to joining World Resources Institute Indonesia, he...

Rida Nurafiati

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Environmental Economy, WRI Indonesia

Rida is a Researcher under WRI’s research incubation programme called “Wahana Riset Indonesia”, where she focuses on the environmental-economic accounting and valuation of ecosystem.


Ines Ayostina

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Oceans, WRI Indonesia

Ines Ayostina is a researcher at Wahana Riset Indonesia program, in the field of oceans. She is also part of the oceans team that currently expanding the program with the main strategy on new...

Ibnu Budiman

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Environmental Policy And Governance, WRI Indonesia

Ibnu Budiman is a researcher in Wahana Program in World Resource Institute, in the field of environmental policy and governance. He holds a MSc from Wageningen University and Research (WUR),...

Efendi Siahaan

Project Operations Specialist, WRI Indonesia

Efendi Siahaan is a Project Operations Specialist for WRI Indonesia. He is specifically responsible for managing finance and administration aspects across more than 10 projects in WRI Indonesia....

Dede Sulaeman

Hydrologist, WRI Indonesia

Dede Sulaeman is a Peatland Research Analyst (Hydrologist) for PRIMS (Peatland Restoration Information and Monitoring System) Project. He is responsible for the research aspect of peatland...

Agam Subarkah

Legal Analyst For Energy And Peatland Program, WRI Indonesia

Agam Subarkah serves as Legal Analyst for Energy and Peatland Program for WRI Indonesia. He supports Clean Energy Investment Accelerator (CEIA), Peatland Restoration & Sustainable Use of...

Martha Triasih Karafir

Research Analyst, WRI Indonesia

Martha is a Research Analyst for Papua and West Papua Office of WRI Indonesia.

She supports in research, analysis, project management, and stakeholder engagements in Papua and West Papua...


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