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Tania Puspita Firdausy

GIS Analyst

Tania is a GIS Analyst at WRI Indonesia. She works closely with the Forests team in helping the RSPO compensation data verification and analysis as well as supporting the...

Charles Victor Barber

Director, Forest Legality Initiative & Senior Biodiversity Advisor

Charles “Chip” Barber is Director of the Forest Legality Initiative (FLI) within WRI’s Global Forests Program. FLI focuses on combating illegal logging and associated trade and promoting trade in...

Julius Lawalata

Field Officer, Indonesia

Julius Lawalata (Lawa) is the Field Officer for Forests and Landscapes in Indonesia (formerly Project POTICO) based in Bali, Indonesia. He works to developing follow-up and wrap up strategies at...

Andhyta Utami

Research Analyst

Andhyta Firselly Utami is Research Analyst for WRI Indonesia’s forests, energy, and climate programs, where she contributes to in-country research and engagement activities on projects such as...

Sean DeWitt

Director, Global Restoration Initiative

Sean is the Director for the Global Restoration Initiative at World Resources Institute (WRI).

Lisa Johnston

Research Analyst

Lisa is an Associate with the Food, Forests, Water and Oceans Program at WRI. She supports programmatic work related to land use, forestry and agriculture.

Previously she held the role of...

Anne Rosenbarger

Global Engagement Manager, Global Forest Watch Commodities and Finance

Anne Rosenbarger is a Fellow for Project POTICO in the People and Ecosystems Program at WRI. Based in Bali, Indonesia, Anne works on research related to the sustainability of the oil palm industry...

Andika Putraditama

Sustainable Commodities And Business Manager, WRI Indonesia

Andika Putraditama is the Sustainable Commodities & Business Manager at WRI Indonesia. Working closely with WRI's global commodities team, he manages WRI Indonesia's effort to drive...

Ariana Alisjahbana

Research Analyst

Ariana is a researcher at WRI’s Forests Initiative, working primarily with land use issues focusing on Southeast Asia.


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