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Agiel Prakoso

Research Analyst, Peatland Restoration Independent Monitoring, WRI Indonesia

Agiel is a Research Analyst for peatland restoration project at WRI Indonesia. He will assist to manage and implement investigation portfolio for Peatland Restoration Independent Monitoring...

Ratna Akiefnawati

Riau Senior Program Lead, WRI Indonesia

Ratna Akiefnawati is a Riau Senior Program Lead.

She has 20 years of experience (1996-2016) at the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) as an Associate Research Officer in Jambi Province. She...

Benita Nathania

Research Assistant, Sustainable Commodities & Business, WRI Indonesia

Benita Nathania is a research assistant for sustainable commodities & business at WRI Indonesia. She focuses on developing landscape monitoring system and plantation license database to ensure...

Anindita Nur Annisa

Research Assistant, Energy And Land Use, WRI Indonesia

Nindy is the Research Assistant for Energy and Land Use Program at WRI Indonesia where she supports various energy researches and projects. Nindy has been supporting the policy analysis work for...

Iola Abas

Media Research And Campaign Lead, WRI Indonesia

Iola Abas is the Media Research and Campaign Lead for the peatland restoration project at WRI Indonesia. She is responsible for planning and implementing media and campaign strategy for peatland...

Aurora Maria Sarah Silitonga

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Sustainable Commodities, WRI Indonesia

Aurora Maria Sarah Silitonga is a researcher in Wahana Young Researcher 2.0 program. She is mostly dealing with social forestry and land use issues. She is currently researching on Indonesian...

Arya Harsono

Research Coordinator, The New Climate Economy

Arya Harsono is a Research Coordinator for the New Climate Economy, assisting the program with the execution of on-going research on developing authoritative evidence for the relationship between...

Arif Supam

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Oceans, WRI Indonesia

Arif Supam is one of ocean cluster researchers focusing on mangrove management and marine plastic pollution for Wahana Research Indonesia 2.0 Program at WRI Indonesia.

Before joining WRI...

Willy Daeli

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Environmental Economy, WRI Indonesia

Willy Daeli is a researcher for Wahana Riset Indonesia 2.0, in the field of Incentive Schemes and Economic Instrument for Land-Based Emissions Reduction.

In 2013, he graduated from...

Septrina Frisca Tobing

Wahana Riset Indonesia Researcher, Land Use And Governance, WRI Indonesia

Frisca is part of Wahana team who does research on forest monitoring under the larger theme of land use and governance.

Prior to current role, Frisca worked with J-PAL Southeast Asia where...


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