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Putera Zenata

Regional Program Officer, NDC Partnership

Zen is the Regional Program Officer of the NDC Partnership Support Unit. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, his roles include providing country work support in the Asia-Pacific and Eastern European...


Finance & Accounting Assistant, WRI Indonesia

Lourensia is a Finance and Accounting Assistant in WRI Indonesia. In her daily function, she was assisting the finance and accounting manager in managing various financial transactions and their...

Dito Septiadi Marony Sitepu

Research Analyst For EU-SUPA, WRI Indonesia

Dito Septiadi Marony Sitepu, also known as Dito, is a Research Analyst for EU-SUPA at WRI Indonesia. Dito is responsible for conducting analysis and research related to sustainable peatland...

Heriza Leni

Monitoring, Reporting And Data Management Coordinator, WRI Indonesia

In this role, Leni works closely with the program team to implement comprehensive monitoring and reporting framework by capturing and reporting the progress, collecting, and maintaining supporting...

Rahmah Devi Hapsari

GIS Analyst For Peatland Restoration Independent Monitoring, WRI Indonesia

Devi is a GIS Analyst for Peatland Restoration Independent Monitoring at WRI Indonesia. She supports the rigorous remote sensing and spatial analysis approach to produce the data driven research,...

Bianka Sekar Wardani

Human Resources Officer, WRI Indonesia

Bianka is a Human Resources Officer for WRI Indonesia, where she is supporting the Head of Human Resources to ensure recruitment, contracting and training development are conducted properly....

Citra Ajeng Pertiwi

Human Resources Officer, WRI Indonesia

Citra works as an HR staff that helps the head of Human Resources in terms of compensation and benefits, employee databases, and other administration. Citra graduates from D3 Secretary and...

Mirisa Hasfaria

Monitoring, Reporting And Learning Officer, WRI Indonesia

Mirisa is Monitoring, Reporting and Learning Officer at WRI Indonesia. Prior to joining WRI, she was Monitoring and Reporting Officer for UNDP Indonesia’ Project 2045: The Path to Peaceful and...

Taryn Akiyama

Finance Intern, Global Commission on Adaptation

Taryn Akiyama is interning at WRI to support the Finance Track of the Global Commission on Adaptation. Taryn is passionate about the intersection of environmental policy, global affairs, and...

Satya Budi Utama

Senior Project Lead For Peatland, WRI Indonesia

Satya Budi Utama is the Senior Project Lead for the Sustainable Use of Peatland and Haze Mitigation in ASEAN (SUPA) project under the auspices of the European Union Delegation for Indonesia,...


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