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Julia Kalmirah

Regional Manager, Papua And West Papua Office, WRI Indonesia

Julia Kalmirah is a Regional Manager for Papua and West Papua office of WRI Indonesia. After she graduated from the Faculty of Law, Parahyangan University Bandung, Julia joined WALHI as a lawyer...

Sakinah Ummu Haniy

Communications Assistant, WRI Indonesia

Sakinah Ummu Haniy (Haniy) is the Communications Assistant at WRI Indonesia. She is responsible to support communications strategies and managing multiple communications channels.

Prior to...

Fathir Mohamad

System Developer, WRI Indonesia

Fathir Mohamad (Fathir) is the System Developer at WRI Indonesia. He will support RESTORE+, One Map Initiative, and relevant projects.

Prior to joining WRI, Fathir worked at Center for...

Rolly Leatemia

Conflict Transformation Specialist, WRI Indonesia

Rolly Leatemia is the Conflict Transformation Specialist who responsible to develop concept and program for conflict transformation to support the implementation of one policy map activity which...

Ranchithaa Anatory

Intern, International Events, Climate Program

Ranchithaa is an International Events Intern for the International Climate Action team. She provides support with logistics coordination and event planning for institute-wide engagement in...

Santiago Sinclair Lecaros

Climate Data Intern

Santiago Sinclair Lecaros is a Climate Data Intern for the Climate Program. He focuses on the Online data portals to support city climate action. This project is in partnership with the Global...

Barakalla Robyn

Senior Program Lead Low Carbon Development Initiative, WRI Indonesia

Barakalla Robyn is the Low Carbon Development Initiative Senior Program Lead of WRI Indonesia, streamlining several initiatives such as New Climate Economy (NCE), Food and Land Use FOLU), Tracking...

Kurniasih Puspitorini

Project Officer for South Sumatera's Office, WRI Indonesia

Kurniasih works as Project Officer at WRI Indonesia’s office in Palembang, South Sumatera. Prior to joining WRI Indonesia, she has worked in areas of accounting, finance, administration, marketing...

Shofia Saleh

One Map And Commodities Research Analyst, WRI Indonesia

Shofia is a One Map and Commodities Research Analyst at WRI Indonesia. She is responsible for leading research and analysis under One Map Initiative, particularly on sustainable commodities issue...

Chandra Irawadi Wijaya

South Sumatra Senior Program Lead, WRI Indonesia

Chandra Irawadi Wijaya is the South Sumatra Senior Program Leader for WRI Indonesia, working mainly to manage overall program of the WRI project portfolio and strategic engagement with key...


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