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Parul Sharma

Lead Researcher, Economics Center, WRI India

Parul is the Lead Researcher at the Economics Centre, WRI India; where she is primarily working towards exploring agroecological approaches, nature-based solutions and sustainable means for...

Akhila Suri

Manager, Sustainable Cities & Transport, WRI India

Akhila Suri is a Manager in the Sustainable Cities and Transport program at WRI India and is based in Mumbai. She works closely with cities in South East Asian contexts, under the Bloomberg...

Shubham Gupta

Manager, Climate Finance, WRI India

Shubham Gupta anchors the initiatives of WRI’s Global Finance Centre in India. He works with the Climate Resilience Practice (CRP) team to ensure that finance flows are consistent with low carbon...

Abhinand Krishnashankar

Intern, Global Commission on Adaptation

Abhinand is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Urban Planning at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and has a prior graduate degree in Development Studies from the Indian Institute...

Digvijay Ghotane

Data Science Intern

Originally from Mumbai, India, Digvijay Ghotane is a Data Science Intern in the Climate department. His work over the summer at World Resources Institute primarily entails aggregating water use...

Meenakshi Kakar

Associate, Sustainable Landscapes & Restoration, WRI India

Meenakshi Kakar is working as an Associate with Sustainable Landscapes Restoration team at WRI India, New Delhi office. Her main responsibility is to provide all administrative and logistic...

Pulakesh Das

Senior Project Associate, WRI India

Pulakesh Das works as a Senior Project Associate with the Sustainable Landscapes and Restoration program at WRI India. He comes with more than seven years of experience in analyzing and...

Vandana Vasudevan

Senior Fellow, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Vandana Vasudevan is a Senior Fellow under the Sustainable Cities and Transport program of WRI, India. She is the lead coordinator for WRI India’s upcoming work on national economic geography for...

Priyanka Mewal

SharePoint Administrator, Global Operations, WRI India

Priyanka Mewal is a SharePoint Admin and works with Global operation team. Her focus area is to manage the functionalities and activities of the Microsoft365 application. Her mission is to create...

Komal Khatri

Project Associate, Climate Program, WRI India

Komal Khatri is a Project Associate with WRI India’s Climate program. Her work he focuses on sub-national climate governance, relationship building with government officials and MSMEs, data...


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