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Behruz Baizayee

Associate, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Behruz Baizayee is Associate, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for the Clean Air Catalyst (CAC).

Prior to joining WRI Behruz worked as Monitoring & Evaluation Manager for the United...

Manal Khan

Communications Lead, SCIP, WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities

Manal Khan is Communications Lead for the WRI Ross Center's Sustainable Cities Impact Program (SCIP). She manages the program's communications strategy and storytelling efforts, promoting...

Ayesha Ishtiaq

Program Analysis Intern, Research, Data and Innovation

Ayesha Ishtiaq is a Program Analysis Intern in the Global Strategy and Management team within WRI. She is an American Pakistani, who recently graduated with a B.A in International Relations from...

Sadanand Wachche

Electric Mobility Intern, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Sada is an Electric Mobility Intern. He conducts research and analysis on various electromobility topics, with a particular focus on electric buses.

Prior to joining WRI, Sada worked as a...

Monika Agarwal

Senior Manager, Sustainable Landscapes and Restoration, WRI India

Monika Agarwal is a Senior Manager with the Sustainable Landscapes and Restoration program at World Resources Institute. Here she supports the ongoing work on food loss and waste and other...

Sushant Agarwal

Senior Project Associate - Sustainable Landscape And Restoration, WRI India

Sushant Agarwal is a Senior Project Associate for the Sustainable Landscape and Restoration team at WRI India. As part of the Food and Land Use Collation (FOLU) India initiative, he is...

Sripathi Anirudh

Project Associate, Energy Program, WRI India

Sripathi Anirudh is a Project Associate for the Energy Program at WRI India. His primary area of work revolves around new energy technologies, focusing on up-and-coming green technologies to...

Priyanka Roche

Research Assistant, U.S. Energy Program

Priyanka Roche is a Research Assistant, U.S. Energy Program, at the World Resources Institute, and works on multiple projects that focus on driving a smooth low-carbon transition in the power...

Tejaswini Kulkarni

Project Associate, Climate Program, WRI India

Tejaswini Kulkarni is a Project Associate with the Climate Program at WRI, India. Her work focuses on the nexus of energy, climate, economics and development covering topics such as Carbon Markets...

Namitha Vivek

Country Engagement Project Coordinator, NDC Partnership

Namitha Vivek is a Country Engagement Project Coordinator at the Support Unit for the Francophone Sub Saharan Africa, Middle East and Northern Africa, and Asia and Pacific regions. She provides...


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