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Dhawal Ashar

Manager, Urban Transport and Road Safety, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Dhawal is a Manager in the Urban Transport and Road Safety team at the World Resources Institute India. His work integrates transport engineering and urban design to improve safety and...

Namrata Ginoya

Manager, Resilience and Energy Access, WRI India

Namrata is a Manager with the energy access team at WRI India which aims to extend affordable, reliable and clean energy to all. Her responsibilities include strategic partnership building,...

Arijit Ghosh

Intern, Land and Resource Rights

Arijit is an Open Society Intern for Rights and Governance and will complete his internship at WRI in the Governance center for the LRR team .He is working on the Cities project, specifically on...

Shefaali Desai

HR International Manager, Global Human Resources

Shefaali is the HR International Manager for the Global Human Resources team.

Prior to coming to WRI, she worked as a policy advocate for energy efficiency and human rights protections for...

Jill Raval

Research Assistant

Jill is the Research Assistant for the Food, Forest and Water program. She provides research and technical support to several WRI projects focusing on national agricultural conservation efforts,...

Amita Major

Communications and Marketing Manager, EMBARQ India

Amita is the Communications and Marketing Manager for EMBARQ India. In her role, she is responsible for all internal and external communications for EMBARQ India.

Prior to EMBARQ, Amita...

Vivek Adhia

Head - Business Engagement, WRI India

Vivek Adhia is a Senior Associate in the Climate and Energy Program, working with businesses to promote stewardship, innovation and an alternate response to climate change.

Himadri Das

Manager, Urban Development & Accessibility, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Himadri is Program Manager – Urban Development and Accessibility, based in Bangalore.

Shilpa Patel

Principal Advisor, Finance Center

Shilpa works with CFPS on the overall program, providing review, comments and substantive inputs on working papers and strategic initiatives.


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