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Chendan Yan

Research Associate I

Chendan is the Research Associate I for the Science based Targets Initiative at WRI’s Business Center, which seeks to increase the private sector’s ambition to reduce GHG emissions. She conducts...

Elizabeth Reichart

Research Assistant, Climate Action & Consumption

Liz is a Research Assistant for the Business Center at WRI. She focuses on sustainable consumption in the private sector, researching policies that unlock climate action. Previously, Liz served as...

Dimitrios Mentis

Senior Energy Geographer, Energy Access; Project Lead, Energy Access Explorer

Dimitris Mentis is leading WRI's Energy Access Mapping efforts to help accelerate energy access markets. Previously, Dimitris led the Sustainable Energy for All team at KTH Royal Institute of...

Alejandro Schwedhelm

Urban Mobility Associate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Alejandro is an Urban Mobility Associate in the Health and Road Safety practice area of the Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. As a subject matter expert in sustainable urban transport he...

Linus Platzer

Research Assistant, Urban Efficiency and Climate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Linus is a Research Assistant for the Urban Efficiency & Climate team of the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He works on research, capacity building and engagement efforts for low...

Emily van Bronkhorst

Operations Manager, Development

Emily van Bronkhorst is the Operations Manager of the Development department. In this role, Emily oversees department-wide operations and financial management and works closely with the Vice...

Peter Kerins

Research Analyst

Peter is a Research Analyst in the Research, Data, and Innovation department. Peter's duties are research-oriented, with work in the Water, Ocean, and Cities programmatic areas. He is also part of...

Beatrice Gohdes

Sustainable Finance Intern

Beatrice is a Sustainable Finance intern in WRI’s Finance division.

Prior to joining WRI, she has worked as an intern at a broad range of public and private sector firms in her home...

Sonny Mumbunan

Lead Environmental Economist, WRI Indonesia

Sonny Mumbunan is the Lead Environmental Economist and research associate at World Resources Institute (WRI) Indonesia. He coordinates the country work for the New Climate Economics.


Ettore Arpini

Planning and Performance Analyst, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Ettore is the Planning and Performance Analyst for the Global Strategy and Management team within WRI Ross Center's global program. He is responsible for managing and analyzing data from the...


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