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Bernadette Arakwiye

Research Associate, Forest Program, WRI Africa

Bernadette Arakwiye is a Research Associate in the Forest Program. Her work supports restoration monitoring in African countries, and she serves as an in-country liaison for WRI in Rwanda. Her...

Siba El-Samra

Urban Mobility Associate, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Siba is an Urban Mobility Associate for Health and Road Safety at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Prior to joining WRI, Siba worked at Toole Design Group in the DC area. She served...

Alexandre Grassigny

Project Coordinator Outreach, NDC Partnership

Alexandre Grassigny works for the WRI Climate Program at the NDC Partnership Support Unit as Project Coordinator Outreach. He provides operational support related to membership engagement and...

Corey Best

Intern, Climate & Governance

Corey Best is a Climate and Governance intern within the Governance Center. He is working to support the Environmental Democracy Practice team's ongoing research for the Open Government...

Lydia Jimenez

Intern, Environment, Gender & Social Equity

Lydia is an Environment, Gender, and Social Equity intern with WRI’s Gender and Social Equity Initiative. She is assisting with the research and writing of documents that will help WRI’s teams...

Monica F. Lafon Riojas

Press Officer, WRI México

Monica F. Lafon Riojas is WRI México’s Press Officer. She is in charge of press liaison and capacity building for the organization’s spokespersons.

Monica has a Bachelor's degree in...

Karla López

Editorial Coordinator, WRI México

Karla Lorena López Ferro is the Editorial Coordinator for WRI México. She is responsible for coordinating and supervising all written and editorial content that is produced in the organization,...

Patrice Ngoy Lusambya

Central Africa Operations Manager

Patrice Ngoy Lusambya is the Central Africa Operations Manager. As the Central Africa Operations Manager, he works closely with the Forest Program, Global Operations support teams in Washington,...

Vandana Vasudevan

Senior Fellow, WRI India Sustainable Cities

Vandana Vasudevan is a Senior Fellow under the Sustainable Cities and Transport program of WRI, India. She is the lead coordinator for WRI India’s upcoming work on national economic geography for...

Lucia Duran Aguado

Talent Acquisition Coordinator, WRI Europe

Lucia is a Talent Acquisition Coordinator on the Global Human Resources team. She supports and manages talent acquisition efforts for WRI Europe and WRI Africa offices.

Prior joining WRI,...


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