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Valeria Hurtado

Coordinator of Management and Development of Local Capacities, WRI México

Valeria Hurtado Muñoz is Coordinator of Management and Development of Local Capacitie at WRI México. She is responsible for consolidating, promoting, facilitating and coordinating training...

Mariana Campos

Urban Development Manager, WRI México

Mariana is the Urban Development Manager at WRI México, responsible for developing strategies for the implementation of public policies and projects in urban planning and regeneration, sustainable...

Henrieke Jonker

WRI Europe Liaison

Henrieke is the WRI Europe Liaison for the WRI Europe office. She provides key research and operational support to the WRI Europe office in The Hague. Henrieke also helps strengthen links between...

Dan Lashof

Director, WRI United States

Dan Lashof is the Director of World Resources Institute, United States. He coordinates WRI’s work in the United States across climate, energy, food, forests, water and the sustainable cities...

Jingxian Wang

Intern, Aqueduct

Cecily is a Summer Intern for the Aqueduct Project in the Water Program. Her primary work includes doing spatial and statistical analysis using ArcGIS and Python and conducting desktop research on...

Johnice Miller

Travel & Expense Specialist

Johnice Miller is a Travel and Expense Specialist who joined the World Resources Institute in 2018. She works alongside the accounting department, maximizing the efficiency of our systems and...

Kristine Lister

Resource Watch Intern

Kristine is an Intern for the Resource Watch project. She focuses on supporting the development and management of Resource Watch and providing data analysis in support of WRI's written content....

Sebastian Keneally

Research and Engagement Coordinator, The New Climate Economy

Sebastian Keneally is the Research and Engagement Coordinator for the New Climate Economy project. He conducts research for the team's projects and supports the execution of on-going strategy....

Heidi Bishop

Manager, U.S. Electricity Markets

Heidi Bishop is the Manager, U.S. Electricity Markets working across the Energy and Climate programs at WRI. She provides project management, partner engagement and research to drive the...

Angélica Vesga

Director of Public Affairs and Communication, WRI México

Angélica is responsible for planning, designing and implementing strategic plans of influence and public affairs at WRI México. She is a specialist in social management and urban communication....


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