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Pallavi Panyam

Intern, Global Electric Transportation

Pallavi Panyam is an Intern with the Global Electric Mobility team.

Prior to joining WRI, she worked as an intern at the Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, a non-profit organization that addresses...

John Feldmann

Research Intern

John has a background in physics, education and computer modeling. He grew up in Virginia, and he is happy to be returning to the area after living in Massachusetts, New York, Vermont and, most...

Aditi Desai

Head of Communications, NDC Partnership

Aditi Desai is Head of Communications for the NDC Partnership Support Unit. She develops and executes creative communications strategies that support and extend the Partnership’s reach and impact...

Azam Hawari

Legal Analyst For One Map Initiative, WRI Indonesia

Azam Hawari is the Legal Analyst for One Map Initiative. He works in conducting research and analysis of legal and regulatory framework on land use, land-based licenses, and conflict resolution...

Bonifasius Y. Lody Maturbongs

GIS Research Analyst, WRI Indonesia

Bonifasius Y. Lody Maturbongs adalah Peneliti dan Analis SIG untuk program WRI Indonesia di provinsi Papua dan Papua Barat. Lody bekerja untuk memberikan dukungan dalam penelitian, analisis...

Egi Suarga

Low Carbon Development Initiative Program Lead, WRI Indonesia

Egi is a program lead for Indonesia Low Carbon Development Initiative (LCDI). He works to assist the Government of Indonesia on how best to implement low carbon development policies at national...

Oriz Anugerah Putra

Research Assistant For Peatland Restoration Independent Monitoring, WRI Indonesia

Oriz is a research assistant for peatland restoration projects in Indonesia. He will assist the Independent Monitoring’s Research Analyst by conducting several peat-related research projects and...

Desti Ayunda

GIS Assistant, WRI Indonesia

Desti is GIS assistant for Peatland Restoration Information and Monitoring System (PRIMS) project. She is responsible in spatial data collecting, processing, and analysing to support Peatland...

Rika Novayanti

Communications Specialist, WRI Indonesia

Rika is a Communications Specialist for WRI Indonesia. She develops and implements communications strategies for WRI Indonesia as an organization, as well as for projects in area of peatland and...

Shuang Liu

Senior Associate

As a Senior Associate at Sustainable Finance Center, Shuang Liu leads the Center's work on China finance and the Belt and Road Initiative. With governments, private financial institutions, NGOs...


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