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Suzanne Ozment

Senior Associate, Natural Infrastructure for Water

Suzanne is an Associate with WRI's Global Water Program, where she researches the design of profitable strategies to protect and restore watersheds

Claudia Adriazola-Steil

Deputy Director, Urban Mobility and Director, Health & Road Safety, WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities

Claudia is the Health & Road Safety Program Director. She works on the global strategy for addressing the public health impact that comes from urban transportation and urban development.

Neelam Singh

Senior Associate

Neelam is a Senior Associate with the Global Climate Program. She works with two teams within the program to support countries in designing and tracking their climate commitments at the national...

Matthew Steil

Manager, Central Africa Forests

Matthew Steil is the Manager of WRI's Central Africa forest work- focusing on issues of forest mapping, logging, conservation and forest resource policy in Central Africa.

Stephen Russell

Senior Associate

Stephen leads the Corporate GHG Accounting Project at WRI, which seeks to develop (inter)nationally recognized best practices for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management for organizations.

David Rich

Senior Associate

David is a Senior Associate with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol at the World Resources Institute.

Alex Perera

Deputy Director, Energy

Alex Perera is Deputy Director of WRI's Energy Program.

Crystal Davis

Director, Global Forest Watch

Crystal is the Director of Global Forest Watch, a powerful near-real-time forest monitoring system that unites technology and human networks to create never-before-possible transparency on what is happening in forests around the world.

Rina Rodriguez

Senior E-Learning and Content Development Associate

Rina is on the Training and Development team, a part of WRI's Human Resources team, working, on the Leadership Academy people management training curriculum, new staff Induction program, and other...


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