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Beatriz Cardenas

Air Quality Manager, WRI Mexico

Beatriz is Air Quality Manager at WRI Mexico. She is an expert in air pollution, with experience in both science and policy, from the study of biological processes to treat air pollutants, to the...

Ajay Nagpure

Head, Air Pollution, WRI India

Ajay Singh Nagpure is the Head of Air Pollution at WRI India. He works on developing research strategies and conducting research in the area of air pollution and health risks.


Mansi Konar

Lead Ocean Economist, Sustainable Ocean Initiative

Mansi is the lead Ocean Economist in WRI’s Sustainable Ocean Initiative. She provides economic advice and carries out economic analysis to advance the Sustainable Ocean Initiative, particularly in...

Norma Hutchinson

Research Analyst

Norma Hutchinson is a Research Analyst in the Energy department. Her work will focus on helping the Clean Power Council in the US and the Clean Energy Investment Accelerator internationally....

Harriet Tregoning

Director, NUMO Alliance, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Harriet is the Director of NUMO, the New Urban Mobility alliance, hosted by WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. NUMO is a new collaborative effort that aims to guide policymakers, the private...

Jonathan Wise

Senior Research Associate, Better Buying Lab

Jonathan Wise is Senior Research Associate, and leads the language work at WRI's Better Buying Lab. He works with food companies and experts in behavior change and marketing to understand what...

Natalia Akopian

Public Policy Intern, Forest Legality Initiative

Natalia is a Public Policy Intern of the Forest Legality Initiative in the Food, Forest, and Water Program. She provides research to support the overarching goal of increasing the trade of legal...

Hannah Gleason

Knowledge Management Intern, NDC Partnership

Hannah Gleason is a Knowledge Management Intern in the Climate Program. She will help to enhance the Knowledge Portal through a combination of research and consultations with members from the NDC...

Albert Amos

Global Senior Manager, Urban Finance, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Albert is a Global Senior Manager, Urban Finance at the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities where he is responsible for developing strategies for sustainable urbanization, identifying...

Clarisse Marsac

Partnerships Intern, P4G

Clarisse is a Partnerships intern for P4G, Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030. P4G is a high-profile international initiative that funds and supports innovative public-private...


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