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Xiaozhe Chen

Intern, ACT 2015 Event Coordinator

Xiaozhe is an event planning intern for ACT 2015 project of Climate and Energy Program. She works to provide communications, logistical, and administrative support for a WRI project focused on...

Zhou Jia

Marketing and Communications Intern, EMBARQ

Zhou is the Marketing and Communications Intern supporting Cities & Transport. She helps promote recognition and attribution for the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities and EMBARQ. She also...

Yiyuan Qin

Associate I, Natural Infrastructure for Water

Yiyuan (Jasmine) is an Associate I for the Natural Infrastructure for Water project. She leads the development of methodology of spatial analysis and modeling through which WRI can advance global...

Zheng Hu

Intern, Electricity Governance Initiative

Zheng Hu is a summer intern at the Electricity Governance team; he provides assistance on the Energy Efficiency Roadmap in Tamil Nadu, India; as well as helping the team with several other...

Haitao Zhang

Director, EMBARQ China

Haitao serves as the Director of EMBARQ China, responsible for research and management, project rendering, fundraising, and development. He initiated the official partnership between WRI/EMBARQ...

Xuege (Cathy) Lu

Charge Intern

Xuege (Cathy) is an Intern with the Markets and Enterprise Program. She works on both research and communication aspects of Charge - WRI’s signature energy initiative to promote affordable and...

Mengpin Ge

Associate II, Climate Program

Mengpin is an Associate with WRI’s Global Climate Program, where she provides analytical and technical support for the Open Climate Network (OCN) and CAIT 2.0 projects. Her work focuses on...

Xiaoliang Yang

Associate, CCS Project Lead

Xiaoliang is a Research Associate and the CCS project lead in the Climate Program of World Resources Institute. He is also the technical lead of Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing on Large-scale...

Ying Wang

Research Associate II, WRI China Sustainable Cities

Wendy is a research associate at EMBARQ WRI China office, where she engages with various research projects on sustainable transportation and urban development.

Prior to joining WRI, Wendy...

Wanli Fang


Wanli Fang is an Economist with EMBARQ, the sustainable transport program at WRI. She conducts economic analyses and policy researches to promote sustainable cities and transport in emerging...


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