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Maoqi Sun

Intern, Building Efficiency Initiative

Maoqi is a Building Efficiency Intern at the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He assists with research on the implementation of building efficiency and sustainable infrastructure in cities...

Jiaqi Lu

Intern, U.S. Climate Initiative

Jiaqi (Jackie) Lu is an intern with the U.S. Climate Initiative at WRI. He assists with research and strategic development of the program.

His academic interests include energy security,...

Sifan Liu

Intern, Building Efficiency Initiative

Sifan is the intern for Building Efficiency Initiative at Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. She is working on the implementation of building efficiency and sustainable infrastructure in cities,...

Andrew Stokols

Marketing and Communications Intern, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Andrew is an intern with WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities.

Prior to joining WRI, Andrew researched and worked on issues related to urbanization in China and Korea. This has...

Jiao Wang

Associate II, Water, WRI China

Jiao is an Associate with WRI’s China Water Team. She leads the development of Aqueduct China: Baseline Water Stress, a water stress mapping tool and its applications based on geospatial and...

Chu Zhang

Research Associate

Chu Zhang is the Research Associate for the Energy Program in WRI China. He conducts research and analysis on renewable energy and energy efficiency policies. Focusing on cities and urban areas,...

Bonnie Lu

Training Coordinator

Bonnie Lu is the coordinator for training program of Cities and Transport program in China. She also involves in budgeting and admin support.

At the same time she works as a part time...

Wei Li

Research Analyst, Sustainable Transport, WRI China Sustainable Cities

Wei Li is a research analyst and transport planner for the Sustainable Cities Program in WRI China. He helps with road safety projects in China and Southeast Asia. These projects aim to improve...

Cecelia Song

Research Analyst, Global Forest Watch

Cecelia is a research analyst for Global Forest Watch, where she analyzes spatiotemporal patterns of forest uses and changes in Indonesia and...

Shouqing Zhu

Senior Associate, Sustainable Finance, WRI China

Shouqing Zhu is a Senior Associate and Head of China Finance Centre at WRI's Beijing office. He leads and coordinates WRI’s work related to promoting sustainability in the financial system in...


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