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Ye Wang

Research Analyst, Finance Center

Ye Wang is the Research Analyst in WRI Finance Center. She works to coordinate the work and engage in researches related to promoting sustainability in the financial system in China.


Yuan Wang

Research Assistant and Program Coordinator, Water, WRI China

Yuan Wang is the Research Assistant of China Water Team of the World Resources Institute (WRI) China Office. She joined WRI in August 2015 to support the water right trading project, and assist...

Daizong Liu

Director, China, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

Daizong Liu is Director of WRI China Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He has led and managed a number of projects, including Transit Metropolis project partnered with the Ministry of Transport...

Zhexing Li

Transportation Research Intern

Zhexing (Jason) Li is a Transport Research Intern for Road Safety Program under the WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. He assists team members with data collection, organization, and analysis...

Katie Lebling

Research Analyst II

Katie Lebling is a Research Analyst II in the Climate Program at WRI where she supports the development and maintenance of online climate data platforms and tools like Climate Watch. She also...

Fei Ye

Communications Officer, WRI China

Fei Ye joined WRI China in July 2014 as Communications Officer responsible for external relations.

She has six years of working experience in communications, especially in branding and...

Jing Suo

Senior Accountant

Jing Suo (Sophia) is the Senior Accountant for the WRI China office.

Before joining WRI, she was the finance manager in the Beijing office of US NGO, “Children’s Hope” that raised funds...

Xiangyi Li

Research Analyst II, WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities

Xiangyi Li is a Research Analyst at WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities. Xiangyi conducts research, data analysis, and modeling exercise on various vehicle efficiency and urban climate topics....

Anqi Liu

Senior Accountant

Anqi Liu joined the World Resources Institute as an Accounting Intern in September 2015. After serving various roles in the Accounting department, she is now a Senior Accountant managing China and...

Helen Ding

Environmental Economist

Helen Ding is an Environmental Economist with the Economics Center at the World Resources Institute. Her work primarily focuses on terrestrial ecosystems and involves the development of economic...


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